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Measure Your Rectangle Trampoline

The following guides will assist you with measuring your Best American Trampoline and will help ensure you order the correct replacement parts for your trampoline. If you have questions about our replacement parts or need assistance on how to properly measure your Best American Trampoline, please contact our customer support team.

Is it time to order replacement trampoline parts?

Is it time to order replacement trampoline parts?

Maintaining and caring for your Best American Trampoline will increase the life of your backyard trampoline. An important part of maintaining your Best American Trampoline is to ensure that worn, broken, missing, and damaged trampoline parts are replaced as needed.

Replacement Trampoline Frame Pads

Trampoline frame pads are designed to help protect jumpers from contacting the trampoline frame and springs. It’s time to replace your trampoline frame pads if there are holes in the vinyl or if the frame pads cannot be securely attached to the trampoline frame.

Replacement Trampoline Mat

Your trampoline jumping surface (mat) on your Best American Trampoline needs to be replaced if there are thin spots or holes in the trampoline mat. It’s also recommended that you replace your rectangle trampoline mat if the rings that connect the mat to the springs and frame are missing.

Replacement Trampoline Springs

Trampoline springs are what give your trampoline its bounce. If your trampoline springs are broken, stretched, or “popping off, it’s time to order a new set of springs for your rectangle trampoline.

Visit our Care & Maintenance page for more helpful tips on maintaining your Best American Trampoline.

NOTE: It’s recommended that you inspect your trampoline prior to each use. If you notice worn, missing, or damaged parts on your trampoline, please cease use of the trampoline until you are able to install replacement parts.

Trampoline Measurement Guide

How to Measure Your Best American Rectangle Trampoline

The following measurements will be required for an accurate Best American Trampoline frame measurement. These measurements will identify which trampoline model you own and will assist you with ordering the correct replacement trampoline parts for your Best American Trampoline.

Measure Your Trampoline Frame

Step 1 – Measure the long side of your trampoline frame.

Step 2 – Measure the short side of your trampoline frame.

Step 3 – Determine your spring attachment method. Your trampoline will either have a spring rod attachment or spring hole attachment.

Step 4 – Count the number of springs holes on one long side of the trampoline frame. Then count the number of spring holes on one short side of the trampoline frame.*

*If  your trampoline has a spring rod attachment, you own a Best American Xtreme Trampoline and can skip Step 4. You will need to complete steps 1-3 to determine the size of your Xtreme Trampoline.

Trampoline Measurement Video – Best American Trampolines

PRO TIP – It is imperative that you record the measurements from the outside edges of the frame. Measuring from the inside edge or the edge closest to the jumping surface will result in an inaccurate measurement.

Congratulations! You’ve complied all the measurements you need to determine which Best American Trampoline you own.

Using the information you’ve collected you can now select and purchase the correct replacement frame pads and trampoline mat for your Best American Trampoline.

Questions? Contact our customer service team with any questions or if you are still unsure which trampoline replacement parts to purchase for your Best American Trampoline.

NOTE: This trampoline measurement guide is intended for trampolines manufactured by Best American Trampolines. Our trampoline replacement parts are designed specifically for Best American Trampolines and are not guaranteed to fit rectangle trampolines not manufactured by Best American.

Spring Measurement

Over time your trampoline springs will break, stretch, or start “popping off” your Best American Trampoline. When this happens it’s time to replace your trampoline springs with a new set.

The following guide will help you measure your springs and ensure you order the correct replacement spring set for your Best American Trampoline.

How to Measure Your Trampoline – Springs

Step 1 – Select and remove a spring from the trampoline. Ensure that the selected spring is not over stretched and has a hook on both ends. Measuring a spring that has stretched or is missing hooks on the ends will result in an inaccurate measurement.

Step 2 – Measure the spring from one end of the hook to the opposite end of the hook. This technique is commonly known as “hook-to-hook” measurement.

Done! You now know which replacement springs you should order for your trampoline.

PRO TIP – It’s recommended that you replace all springs at the same time. Once one spring starts to show wear it’s likely that the rest will soon follow suit.

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